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Product Recalls in the USA

The CPSC recalls approximately 300 products every year. In 2022, the total number of recalled items in the United States was nearly 1.5 Billion items. This includes everything from appliances, to children's toys, to food, to medical equipment.

Most manufacturers have no idea who owns their products and they rely on posters in stores and notices sent to vendors to get the word out. While this does work, this can still leave millions of Americans with recalled products sitting in their homes.

RecallScan simplifies recall notices

We actively monitor government recall notification feeds by the CPSC, FDA, and other government agencies. We compare that against the information you provide to notify you when a recall is issued.

More than just recall notifications
  • Developed by home inspectors, RecallScan publishes a bi-weekly newsletter with various tips to maintain your home.

  • 10% of profits are set aside for providing home inspection and repair services to low and fixed income families in Florida.

New Product Recalls


Issued over the past 60 days

  • Many product recalls are for childrens toys, appliances, and consumer electronics.

  • Many product recalls are issued by the FDA or USDA related to the food we eat.


Unique products currently monitored


Appliances are simple to monitor

Our appliance wizard walks you through the process of adding appliances step by step. Most users add each appliance in 2-3 minutes.

We like simplicity.

Pick the type of appliance, pick the brand name, enter in the model number, and enter the serial number. That's all that's required.

Sort and Organize

Using locations and notes, you can sort and organize your appliances. Monitor your own home, your parents, and even your in-laws.

Notification Settings

You can enable or disable real-time notifications on a per-product basis. By default, all products offer notifications.

Your vehicle. Your safety.

In 2022, there were 932 vehicle safety recalls affecting more than 30.8 million vehicles in the united states. That means there's a near one in ten chance that the vehicle you drive may have a recall issued.

Why it matters
  • When a recall is issued, manufacturers notify the owners of their vehicles. It can take days or weeks for the recall notification to arrive, if at all.

  • If you have moved or purchased your vehicle second-hand, there is a chance your automobile manufacturer will not know how to notify you of a recall.

  • Getting notified of vehicle recalls in a timely manner let's you get repairs performed quicky and in most instances, at no cost to you.



Committed to Florida

  • Florida is currently experiencing a homeowners insurance crisis. Many low-income and fixed-income residents are being forced to sell their homes and move because of the astronomical increase in property taxes and insurance costs.

  • We're in the process of launching the CareBuilders Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families that require inspections and repair to obtain or maintain their homeowners insurance in Florida.

  • While the foundation is still being assembled, we have partnered with Hometown Inspections to provide free and reduced cost insurance inspections in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Brevard, Osceola, and Lake Counties.

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